About Best Stuff Ltd - Get The Best Electrical Goods Right Here!

BestStuff is as much a concept as a web site.

Here you can buy a range of really good products at extremely low prices. We are most noted for our fantastic TV aerials, step up voltage converters and body care products such as hair clippers and hair trimmers. Our staff have all worked extensively in the electrical retail trade. We test everything, we talk to repair engineers, and we compare prices and the experiences of customers. We take our customers very seriously; with everything else we have fun. The words below are the nearest thing we have to a mission statement.

The Customer Is Always Right? Rubbish! The customer is hardly ever right; people buy things for all kinds of reasons; function, colour, because of what their neighbours have! Most retailers go along with this and offer an enormous choice of goods. We do not. Our goods are ethically made yet are reasonably priced. We will never sell you electrical goods that are sub standard or made unethically by poor, cruelly exploited virtual slave labourers, who suffer a disgraceful standard of living. We only sell one item in each category so you only get the best stuff from us!

And Finally We promise to keep your credit card details a very closely guarded secret. We promise never to rip you off. We promise never to sell or in any other way pass any of your personal details to any other company or individual. We promise to provide you with a quality service which we will monitor carefully. Any complaint you make will be responded to within 48 hours and will be dealt with quickly and fairly. If you want to contact us or order from us by phone, call 01926 691190, or if you prefer, write to us at:

BestStuff, Unit 13, Dene Valley Business Centre, Brookhampton Lane, Kineton, Warwickshire, CV35 0JD