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Aerial Amplifiers and Signal Boosters

TV Signal Boosters, Aerial Amplifiers and More

One of the most frustrating things when it comes to televisions is having the latest equipment but failing to get a clear picture throughout your house. Our range of products work to improve the quality and reach of your television signal throughout your home and include TV signal booster, signal booster, aerial signal booster and aerial signal amplifier ranges.

These products work to enhance your reception throughout your house, negating the need for more cabling, larger aerials and extra coaxial cables coming down the side of your home.
If you are searching for electrical goods that use the latest TV signal boosting technology, look no further than our collection of aerial amplifiers and signal distribution products. Whether you desire a TV signal booster or an aerial signal amplifier, we can accommodate your specific requirements.

Browse our superb range of electrical goods on-line.

Why Choose BestStuff?
If you are looking to enhance your home entertainment system with an TV signal booster, an aerial signal amplifier or any other product in our collection, you will find all of this and more online at BestStuff Ltd.

Shop with us for the following:
  • Aerial signal boosters
  • AV controllers
  • DVD and CD accessories
  • HDMI and DVI
  • Remote controls
This is only a small selection of the products available on-line. If you are unimpressed with the picture quality of your TV, an aerial signal booster could provide a cost effective solution. Here at BestStuff, we are dedicated to providing our customers with electrical goods of only the highest quality and we can guarantee that our signal booster product range will not disappoint. If you would like to find out more information regarding our products including our bestselling signal booster collection, get in touch with a member of our team today.
Looking for an Aerial Signal Booster?
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Here at BestStuff, we make shopping on-line for electrical goods easy. We won’t confuse you with technical jargon but provide you with state of the art products that do what they say on the tin. You can browse a wide range of electrical goods at the touch of a button and purchase a TV signal booster at speed.

Technical Details

The main point of an aerial amplifier, signal booster etc. Is to amplify the whole signal (this means all the frequencies within the range). Of course this can amplify any interference too. So, you need to make sure you have a good signal to begin with. Check your aerial is correctly aligned and any masthead amplifier (if you have one) is working properly.

Very basically there are three types of aerial amplifier and signal boosters. There are Distribution Amplifiers these take an input or inputs (RF Aerial, Sky, CCTV, DAB Digital Radio, FM etc) and distribute the signal or signals to several TVs.

There are Masthead Amplifiers (sometimes called Pre-Amplifiers) - these tend to be used with aerials and, as the name suggests, can be placed on the aerial mast (although this does not have to be the case) to this end they are contained in waterproof boxes. A masthead amplifier is designed to enhance the signal at its strongest point, which is close to the aerial.

There are also Plug In Aerial Amplifiers or plug-in signal boosters. These plug into a electrical socket and have an input and one or more outputs. They can be very useful in circumstances where the signal is slightly too weak or if you wish to extend to another TV (for instance from a living room to a kitchen).

Remember, the problem is not always a weak signal, sometimes a very strong signal can also cause the same problems, especially with Freeview. Another cause of signal problems can be interference rather than signal weakness.

A common cause of interference is the coaxial cable from the aerial to your TV. The cables can fill with water (especially old cables), and sometime long cables (especially if not well shielded) can act as giant aerials picking up all kinds of interference. Adding an amplifier can sometimes make things worse. One way improve things is to rewire with new good quality shielded cable and/or to locate the amplifier as close to the aerial as possible so you are not amplifying the interference. This is why aerial amplifiers are often found in lofts. Putting an amplifier next to the TV with the poor signal will only amplify the poor signal.

Another important factor is signal distribution. We have aerial amplifiers/signal distributors that can output to a number of TVs (usually 1, 2, 4, 6 or 8). It is important to look at several factors. For instance how long are your cable runs and do you need flat or stepped gain. If you need any advice we are happy to help, just phone us on 01926 691190.

Remember too you can also use masthead amplifiers which amplify the signal at its strongest point (the aerial itself).

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