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Audio Visual Stuff

Audio visual equipment for all your home entertainment needs

The days of the tiny black and white TV in the corner of the family lounge are long gone and now our homes are filled with gadgets and gizmos designed to bring us the ultimate in home entertainment.

Even the humble home cinema, consisting of a large screen TV and surround sound technology, is an outdated concept. Today we're streaming content from the internet, watching programmes on demand and bringing audiovisual entertainment to every room in the home.

Of course the switch to digital TV has changed the way we consume audio visual media dramatically, while technological advances like HD and 3D programming have also has a huge impact on our viewing habits.

All this, and the promise of future innovations, means we need quality audio visual equipment to make the most of what the technology has to offer and to make sure our old stuff is compatible with our new stuff.

At BestStuff Ltd, we supply a wide range of audio visual equipment to meet all your home entertainment needs, from signal boosters and aerial amplifiers to cables, leads, satellite TV accessories and HDMI hubs.

Better picture, better sound

You may have the biggest and best HD, 3D LCD television money can buy, and the most powerful surround sound speaker system on the market, but sometimes you need extra audio visual equipment to get the best out of them.

We stock a great selection of aerial amplifiers and signal boosters to improve picture quality and enhance reception throughout your home, with the need for additional aerials.

Masthead amplifiers boost television signals at their strongest point close to the antenna to minimise coaxial cable losses and deliver clear reception and sharp images. As their name suggests, they can be placed on the aerial mast and are contained in waterproof boxes for this purpose.

If you have several TVs in your home, a distribution amplifier may be a better option. These audio visual devices take an input signal and distribute it to multiple TV sets with no degradation in picture quality.

For superior sound quality, we also stock mains conditioners that even out spikes in the mains supply and minimise the interference that can affect the performance of your sound system.

Multiple devices

Finding a modern family home without a DVD recorder, a games console, a laptop or a camcorder is like looking for an elephant in the British countryside. Technology has simply found its way into our homes, and it's here to stay.

Often we like to use these devices simultaneously, which means we need audio visual equipment and accessories to connect it all together without having to plug in and unplug various cables.

At BestStuff Ltd, we offer a variety of HDMI and AV hubs and splitters that allow you to plug multiple machines into one TV or audio visual device, or conversely, connect one source to two or more screens.

Many of us also have satellite television in our homes, and since we don't just watch TV in the lounge, we also want to be able to access the channels we're paying for in our bedrooms, kitchens and studies as well.

We stock all the audio visual equipment you need to distribute your satellite TV signal to several points around your home, including satellite accessories like remote controls. We also offer satellite TV multiswitches suitable for use in blocks of flats and multiple occupancy buildings.

Cables and leads

You've got all the audio visual equipment you need to create the ultimate home entertainment system, but without the right cables and leads to provide power and link everything together, it's pretty much useless.

Whether you need RF coaxial cable to wire up your digital TV system, optical leads to connect a DVD player to an AV amplifier, or RGB component leads to achieve superior image quality, you'll find them all right here on our website.

We stock a wide range of HDMI leads for connecting HD video sources to plasma and LCD TVs, as well as DVI leads for linking computers and laptops to external monitors.

And although largely superseded by HDMI connectors, scart sockets are still very common, so we offer a great choice of scart leads and adapters too.

Indeed, scart was once the number one connection option for audio visual equipment, so if you're still using your old DVD player or games console, chances are you'll need scart leads.

Buy audio visual equipment on-line at BestStuff Ltd

To find the audio visual equipment you're looking for, simply navigate our category menus or use the search box at the top of the page. We offer a vast array of products, so we're confident we'll have everything you need.

All our audio visual equipment is tested by us and comes with a manufacturer's guarantee for at least one year. What's more, we offer free standard mainland UK deliver and our prices are extremely competitive, so you could save money shopping with us.

If you're not fully satisfied with your product, or your order doesn't fit for your home entertainment needs, you can return it to us within 30 days for a full refund.

For more information about our audio visual equipment, contact us now by phone on 01926 691190 or fill in our on-line enquiry form and we'll get back to you.

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