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Electrical Power Conversion

Electrical power conversion equipment

Technology is a key part of our lives and hardly a day goes by when we don't charge our mobile phones, surf the Internet on our laptops, watch our TVs or use our vacuum cleaners.

Yet how these electrical items are powered can vary - it's not always a case of plugging something into a 240-volt mains supply and switching it on.

What's more, because we like to use our gadgets on the move, whether we're travelling abroad or driving around our home town, we need adapters and converters that allow us to stay connected wherever we are.

At BestStuff Ltd, we supply a wide range of electrical power conversion equipment to meet your needs, from AC/DC adapters and voltage converters to electrical power plugs and power inverters. 

In the home

Often in the home we use electrical devices that require DC power, this is particularly try of portable devices. For example, games consoles and MP3 docking stations can be battery powered and use a DC power supply.  To use these devices you may need an AC/DC adapter, which will connect to a 240-volt AC mains supply and convert it into the correct lower DC voltage. Most of these items will come with an AC/DC Adapter, but if that gets lost or broken sourcing a direct replacement is a nightmare. Instead we offer a large range of Universal AC/DC Adapters where you just select the correct voltage, choose the right adapter and plug in. As well as this we even have DC voltage converters that change one type of DC supply into another type, such as 24 volts into 12 volts. This would allow a truck driver with a 24V supply to use a 12V device in the vehicle cab.

We also offer a range of IEC power leads to connect computer equipment, LCD TVs and other appliances to the mains, as well as six, four and eight-way electrical extension leads, many with surge and spike protection.

On the move

Whether you're in the car, in a boat or out and about in your motor home, you will need access to electrical equipment that you'd usually power via the mains supply in your home.

Frequently there is no mains supply in these circumstances, so you will need electrical power conversion equipment to get the right supply of power to your gadgets.

At BestStuff Ltd we have a range of power inverters that are ideal for use in trucks, boats or caravans and can be used to supply AC power from DC sources like 12 or 24 volt vehicle or leisure batteries.

This means you can use standard mains appliances such as televisions and microwave ovens on a 12V or 24V DC battery system. To complement this we also have in-car DC adapters and chargers for portable electronics like mobile phones and laptops, as well as in-car cigarette lighter plug extension leads to reach into the back seat and beyond.


Technology may be universal, but power supplies and mains connections are not. That's why when you go abroad you need to take the right electrical power conversion supplies with you.

At BestStuff Ltd we stock AC voltage converters that allow appliances made for the mains voltage supply in one geographical region to be used in an area with a different voltage supply.

Step down AC voltage converters allow you to use equipment from the US and Canada, where the voltage is 110-120 volts, in the UK and Europe, where the voltage is 200-240 volts, while step up voltage converters work the other way around.

We also sell electrical plug adapters, which can be used as travel plug adapters for multi voltage equipment such as mobile phone chargers and notebook computers, or to adapt plugs from regions with the same voltage.

To eliminate the need for numerous chargers and adapters when travelling, we offer a great range of global travel chargers for mobile phones, iPods and other portable gadgets, as well as universal power supplies for laptops.

Universal AC/DC adapters that will accept any AC input are also available. Together with the correct electrical plug adapter, they work anywhere in the world and feature an adjustable DC output.

Buy your electrical power conversion equipment on-line at BestStuff Ltd

To find the electrical power conversion supplies you need, simply navigate our category menus or use the search box at the top of the page. We're sure you'll find adapters and converters for all your electrical items right here.

All our power conversion equipment is rigorously tested by us and comes with a manufacturer's guarantee for at least a year, giving you peace of mind when you buy.

What's more, our prices are extremely competitive and our delivery is free if you live on the UK mainland. If you're not completely happy with your purchase, simply return it to us within 30 days and we'll offer you a full refund.

For more information about our electrical power conversion equipment, contact us now by phone on 01926 691190 or fill in our on-line enquiry form and we'll get back to you.

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