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Specialist RGB Component Leads

RGB stands for Red Green and Blue. These leads are also often known as component leads. Red, Green and Blue are the primary colours that are used to make all the colours that appear on a screen. RGB allows a higher resolution than other methods and is widely regarded as the best method to get a really good picture onto a screen. RGB component leads are made to higher standards than "normal" leads. Resistance is typically 75ohms and the cable should be gold plated and oxygen free.
RGB Scart leads usually only have those pins necessary for carrying the picture connected. The other pins (that carry sound) are not connected - and sound is usually sent to the TV, Hi-fi or surround sound system using a different method such as Optical or Digital Phono.
There are various other kinds of RGB lead such as RGB Phono to Phono, RGB Phono to BNC and RGB Phono to 15 Pin HD Plug. Common connections would be a DVD to a Plasma TV, projector or LCD TV.
Component YUV uses three signals to describe a video picture. These are the Y channel, called Luminance which is effectively a black and white signal. The other two channels then describe how to remove blue (the U channel) and remove blue (the V cahnnel) from the Y signal to create a colour corrected picture. On a socket the YUV are often marked as Y, Cb and Cr. YUV requires lower bandwidth than RGB.
Component RGB uses three signals, each of which carries the Red, Green and Blue picture. However, since progressive scan is only supported by YUV the majority of quality DVD players and screens are designed to work most effectively using YUV.


Hama Home Theatre 1.5m 3 Phono to 3 Phono RGB (YUV) Metal AV Lead
Hama Home Theatre 3m Scart to 3 Phono RGB (YUV) AV Lead
Hama Home Theatre 5m RGB 3 Phono to 3 Phono (YUV) Lead
This is an extremely high quality RGB (YUV) 3 Phono to 3 Phono ...
The Hama Home Theatre 3m AV lead is a very ...
This is a very high quality RGB (YUV) 3 Phono to 3 Phono ...
IXOS 3m XHV601 RGB Scart Lead
Hama 10m 3 Phono RGB to VGA Lead
A video only lead, has solid cast metal construction, true 75 ohm ...
To connect devices with 3 Phono out (YUV component) to devices ...