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Distribution Amplifiers

Distribution Amplifiers take an input or inputs (RF Aerial, Sky, CCTV, DAB Digital Radio, FM etc) and distribute the signal or signals to several TVs.

Some distribution amplifiers will only take a single TV input, or one TV input and one radio input (usually FM). Others (including our most popular ones) will take multiple inputs, so you could, for instance, distribute the signal from an aerial, a Sky box, a FM aerial, a DAB Digital Radio aerial and a CCTV system all down one cable at the same time to up to 8 rooms.

You can use a distribution amplifier in conjunction with a masthead amplifier, and some of the distribution amplifiers we list even have line out power on their RF input. This would allow you to power the masthead amplifier from the distribution amplifier.

When it comes to use with Sky, some of these distribution amplifiers have a built in bypass - this allows the power from the Sky box RF2 output to pass through the amplifier and power the magic eye at the remote TV. this allows you to control the Sky box from the remote location. If you have a distribution amplifier without a built in bypass, you can use the SLx Digi Bypass Kit.


SLx Gold 2 Way Aerial Amplifier
Labgear LDL104R Distribution Amplifier for Sky with 4 Outputs

Designed for TV only (no FM input). The HQ ANT AMP2 is a ...

Designed to increase and improve TV, DAB Digital Radio and ...

A compact aerial amplifier with a single input and 4 ...

Labgear LDL204 2 Inputs and 4 Outputs Mains Powered DigiLink Distribution Amplifier
Labgear LDA206L 2 Inputs and 6 Outputs Mains Powered TV Distribution Amplifier
SLx Gold 4 Way Aerial Amplifier

2 input, 4 output TV distribution amplifier.

Mains powered 6 way DigiLink amplifier, with auto line powering and LTE filter.

Designed to increase and improve TV, DAB Digital Radio and ...

SLx Gold 4 Way Aerial Amplifer F-plug Connections
SLx 4 Room Digital TV Distribution Kit
SLx Gold DG208F Aerial Amplifier

Gold four output aerial amplifier with F-plug connections. ...

Everything you need to distribute Sky TV to 4 rooms.

Designed with the professional aerial installer in mind. ...

Labgear SDA243 Stepped Power 4 Way Aerial Amplifier
Labgear LDU604G 4 Way TV and Radio Signals Distribution Amplifier
SLx6B Aerial Amplifier

A stepped power amplifier. Many consumers do not realise ...

The Labgear LDU604G is an four way aerial amplifier with ...

Has integrated Digital By-pass for use with SLx Link to ...