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East 12V 1000W Pure Sine Wave Inverter-Charger Combi and UPS

East 12V 1000W Pure Sine Wave Inverter-Charger Combi and UPS

SKU SM1012
Weight 16.00 Kgs
EAN 5055377501013

The East SM1012 is a 12 Volt, 1000 Watt constant output (3000 Watt surge output) pure sine wave Inverter-Charger and UPS system.

The SM1012 consists of a pure sine wave inverter with a powerful and configurable built in smart charger. When connected to a 12V battery (or batteries) the SM1012 will charge the battery when mains power is available and draw power from the battery to supply attached appliances when mains power is not available. This makes it an ideal choice for boats RVs and caravans, but also in static situations where vital equipment needs to be kept running and mains power is not 100% reliable (which is everywhere really).

The East SM1012 can also be used as a UPS (Uninterruptable Power Supply) for computers and other instant switch equipment. Once the power goes off the SM1012 instantly switches to supplying any connected appliances.

The SM1012 will run at up to 1000W for as long as there is power in the connected batteries and for a short period it can manage a start up surge of up to 3000W. This is to account for the start-up surge that you can get with some industrial equipment.

The output is pure sine wave, this is the same sine wave that you get from the mains. This means that the East SM1012 can power anything, including items with power correction capacitors in them (these items cannot be used with modified sine wave inverters). So, the SM1012 is fine for anything including AV equipment, fluorescent lighting, power tool fast chargers, fridges, freezers, heating equipment etc.

The East SM1012 does not even need to be connected the mains, it will also work from a generator.

The charger unit is adjustable and depending upon the type and number of 12V batteries you have connected can be set to charge at 10 Amps, 20 Amps or 30 Amps. There are
three charging stages (bulk, boost and float) depending upon the charge state of the batteries.

The SM1012 needs to be kept in a dry well ventilated environment as it is fan cooled.

Please see our video.


  • 1000W constant output 12V Power Inverter-Charger
  • 3000W surge capacity
  • Pure Sine Wave output
  • Can supply power to any load including resistive loads, inductive loads, motors and rectifier loads
  • A Microprocessor based Inverter/Charger providing ultra-clean pure sine wave output with less than 5% total harmonic distortion
  • Power charger adjustable to 10 Amps, 20 Amps or 30 Amps
  • Three charging stages (bulk, boost and float)
  • 2 output sockets (only one can be used with UK plugs, please see video)
  • Mains input range 170v~254V
  • Output 220V
  • Very low standby power consumption of less than 5W
  • Very easy to install
  • Can be wall mounted
  • Dimensions 295mm width x 267mm depth x 150mm height
  • Weight 16KG