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Labgear LDU608G 8 Way TV and Radio Signals Distribution Amplifier

Labgear LDU608G 8 Way TV and Radio Signals Distribution Amplifier
Labgear LDU608G TV Signal Distribution Amplifier LDU608G Connection Diagram

Weight 1.08 Kgs
EAN 5050171062647

What Is It?
The Labgear LDU608G is an eight way aerial amplifier with multi inputs. It is designed to increase and improve FM radio, DAB radio, CCTV, VCR/DVD, satellite and terrestrial TV signals to up to 8 televisions/radios around the home from one location (e.g. loft).

How Does It Work?

The Labgear LDU608G combines TV, FM, DAB, CCTV and satellite signals on to one down cable feeding face-plates located near main AV equipment location (e.g. living room). The return cable from VCR/satellite box to loft box feeds up to 8 other viewing locations around home with AV signals.

SkyPlus and SkyHD
The Labgear LDU608G has the LNB1 and LNB2 input and downlinks required by SkyPlus and SkyHD.

Remote Control?
The infrared extender feature gives control over different AV sources from any viewing/listening location in conjunction with
SLx Link (s). The Labgear LDU608G has an integrated digital bypass - the infrared extender works in conjunction with Sky™. If you would like to use the extender with other devices you can, but you need to use either an Omni Link or a Bluedelta Smart Blaster to power the link and rebroadcast the remote control signals.

Anything Else?
The Labgear LDU608G has an Integrated UHF pre-amplifier and an integrated power supply. It has a LNB power indicator and silver-grey metallic finish. The Labgear LDU608G is fully screened and ideal for digital satellite. Distribution of output from a set top box, DVD or VCR requires you to send a return path UHF signal to the loft - the Labgear LDU608G has an up link in socket for this. This up link is important as when using a Labgear LDU608G distribution box, there will be no signal at the outputs unless the circuit is completed by linking the downlink output to the uplink input after the signal is passed through your satellite receiver. This is so that the satellite signal (and video signal if required) can also be distributed around the house. If you are not connecting to a satellite receiver, then you need to set the switch on the top of the Labgear LDU608G to UHF and CCTV only. The unit has a built in 4G filter to prevent interference from the 4G mobile phone network.

The Labgear LDU608G is often used with the
SLx Link , the
Global TV Link or the V55-002 Visionlink .

If you need F-Plugs, coaxial plugs, crimping tools or other installation accessories please see our Coaxial Accessories section.

You may also need a 
Labgear PSW351T or a Labgear PSW241 . These allow separate feeds to and from the Labgear LDU608G, giving a socket for RF, two F Plug sockets for Satellite TV and a FM/DAB Digital Radio socket. The PSW351T also provides both a return path and a telephone socket (ideal for Sky Plus and Sky HD).

Download the full instructions for the LDU608G here.


  • Inputs: FM, DAB, UHF, CCTV, LNB
  • Outputs: FM-88-108MHz, DAB-218-230MHz, UHF-470-854MHz, CCTV-470-854MHz, LNB-950-230MHz
  • Downlink output (Gain/loss): FM-4dB loss, DAB-4.5dB loss, UHF-2.5dB loss, CCTV-6.5dB loss, LNB-2dB loss
  • Distribution outputs (Gain/loss): FM-0dB loss, DAB-1dB loss, UHF-*A, CCTV-*A, LNB-*B
  • Uplink path (operating frequency): 470 - 854MHz
  • Uplink path (Gain per distribution port): 8dB
  • Return path (RF return frequency): 470 - 854MHz
  • Return path (RF return gain): 0dB
  • Return path (Dig eye compatible): all output ports compatible
  • Return path (RF return gain): 9V DC at 15mA max. per outlet, short-circuit protection
  • RF return frequency: 470 - 854MHz
  • RF return gain: 0dB
  • Has built in filter to prevent interference from the 4G mobile phone network

Two year manufacturer's guarantee.


Labgear LDU608G TV Signal Distribution Amplifier
LDU608G Connection Diagram