On-line Security

BestStuff takes on-line security extremely seriously. The nightmare scenario for any Internet company is having customer's security compromised.

What's So Special About Our On-line Security?

BestStuff offers three methods of payment, all very secure. PayPal and Checkout by Amazon operate their own very secure two server systems. Where the actual processing is done by them meaning that your card details never need to be re-entered.

When you order with us via Worldpay we use a two server system. Our web site is on our server and it is there that you can add items to your shopping cart. When you check out, our server records who you are, your address, what you have bought and how much to charge you. Then you are transferred to a secure server owned and run by Worldpay.

How Do the Different Servers Work?

Our BestStuff.co.uk server (which our web site is on) is an open server. It has to be so that search engines can find it and so that customers can easily browse through it. When you order something on the BestStuff server the server sets a non-intrusive cookie on your machine which simply says this person has bought this and needs to be charged this much. This cookie is essential for the high level of security we use to work properly. The cookie will not remain on your machine, it is automatically deleted when it is not needed anymore. The secure server, owned and run by Worldpay, is totally secure in that the only thing it does is collect details from cookies, and charge people money. Because you enter your card details into the Worldpay server we never see them. We just get an authorization code from the Worldpay server that tells us that the money has been credited to us and we can send the goods. This means that your card details are not recorded or held by us. We do not have any card records on our customers either electronically or lying around in filing cabinets (some other companies do keep these records). We are registered and fully compliant with the Data Protection Act. The other big advantage with our system is that you can use additional security such as "Verified by Visa" and "MasterCard SecureCode". These are services that are run by the credit card companies and in effect give you the option of creating and using an on-line pin code. You can sign up for the service on the Worldpay secure part of our shopping cart. For more details about the two schemes please follow to the links below: MasterCard SecureCode and Verified by Visa. Some customers may choose to pay using PayPal or Checkout by Amazon. These payment services run accounts for customers and paying us via these two services is even easier as you do not need to re-enter your card details.
Our web site is scanned quarterly by Security Metrics. To see the scan certificate just click on their logo at the bottom of our home page.

What About Telephone Orders?

Despite the very high level of on-line security we use, some customers still prefer to order from us by phone. This is fine, we welcome orders of all kinds. For a telephone order we do need to know your card details, we then charge the card and delete the card details from our system. Our phone number is 01926 691190.